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Terrible health anxiety



New member
Jan 15, 2019
I’ve been having bad anxiety for a month now. I’m 20 years old female. This all started when I was at a store with my friend. Suddenly I felt my left side going ”numb”. It wasn’t like real numbness. I did still feel my legs etc. They just felt weird. My while leg left weird, my left cheek and my left hand’s fingers too. I panicked and went to emergency room. They did basic neurological tests and EKG. All fine. I went home and this weird feeling from my leg wouldn’t go away so I went to doctor’s again and I have to go to an MRI scan from my head to eile out MS.. I’m so scared now that I have MS. My leg has been feeling fine for some time now. It just that now and then my left cheek goes ”numb”. For no reason I think. I’ve now been diagnosed with severe depression. My muscles keep twitching everywhere. Mostly my legs but my arms too and face. I’m currently in hospital because I need help for my depression. I’m constatly googling my new symptoms. The thing that worries my is this numbness that come and goes in my face and at the tip of my fingers and ankle. Has anyone else experienced this? Everyone keeps telling my its because of my anxiety but I find it hard to believe. I’ve also been eating bad and lost a lot of weight because I didn’t eat at all. I was already very skinny. Haven’t done a lot of excerise because I’m so anxious all the time. I’m so scared of neurological diseases.


Active member
Jan 24, 2019
I think it would be best to see your doctor if the MRI doesn't find anything. I am sure you will be fine. I had a friend who had a panic attack once and she said it felt like half her body went numb, so I think it could be similar to something like that. It sounds like it may be panic attacks. Maybe your doctor can take some tests to ease your mind and then maybe try going to see a therapist or someone you trust to talk about this. See what they recommend for you. Hopefully you'll be able to get to the bottom of it. Googling your symptoms is never a very good idea, as it can make you think you're worse off than you actually are.
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