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Tenant from Hell, update - AAARRGGHHH!!!



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Jan 26, 2008
North Lincolnshire
To anyone who reads this, thankyou, it is a "I am cross and need to put it on paper" job. I know when I am over loaded. and thankfully, its not often these days. Still engaged, he was up for taking the brunt, and he does. Makes it a lot easier for me. Being engaged to a retired psycho/gestalt Therapist is a major advantage. And some. But...

To the chase....

Let off steam...

bloody tenant changed locks on my shop a week after she had vacated it. Obvious point why didnt I just force the lock or have it angle grinded off? I would be in breach of the lease as her tenancy doesnt end until Sept 18th. So she is in breach of at least 9 clauses. I dont want to give her ammunition to fight back. A very very frustrating situation indeed. And she has been provoking me.........

like by changing the lock, my lock BTW. when she hadnt paid any rent for over a month anyway and had left!!!!!

She hasnt paid the business rates since July either. She hasnt paid water rates since Feb also. She has not reported to me a water inlet bleed which needs now a whole new floor laying down.

She has moved out and taken a shop fitting which was fitted nine years before she even moved in. She has, even worse, moved only five doors down the road from my shop.....

She is trying to get her mum (who is a magistrate) to get an ASBO out on me for going in and saying "please, will you give me my lock back?".

MY property.If it was faulty - as they claim - then as the landlady it is my responsibiltiy to replace or renew any faulty or defective parts of my premises. But I cant, if they are not reported to me.

It was just an excuse to lock me, and me showing any new prospective tenants, around.

So it seems I have to put up with, her not paying the rent/ rates, water rates and insurance. But using my window to advertise her new premises, deny me access to put up a To Let poster (allowed to do this within six weeks of her tenacny ending by contract), and whizz off on holiday having changed the locks and leave no key with her Magistrate Mother???????????

When I went into her new shop and asked nicely for MY LOCK back I was manhandled off the premises. I was embarrassing the customers in there I expect.

So I went in again, and politely repeated my request.
To be held by my shoulders and perambulated again out of the door and verbally abused.

John went in two hours later and it was a different story. Hmmmm. I am not stupid.

Anyway, she is out and halle-fucking-lugeah I have keys again. I live above it. If there is an emergency (fire?) I have a legal right to enter the premises. With the keys came a note..... "he lock became faulty three years ago".

thats not what we heard last Weds.
No then the lock had become faulty the week before. how convenient?

I'll never trust a magistrate again.

Final really good note. She is rich "money no object" - and I quote - and it was delivered as a further bullying threat.

She knows I have to avoid the cost and the hassle of legal action. She knows also that I have delicate mental health and cant handle stress. She has for over three years tried to take advantage of that, and still does. She has called the police out to me three times in four months as she realised she doesnt own all the cards, I do, and the "game is up".

John has helped me with this so much. He manages the tenancy now. Trained in Gestalt and mainstream psychotherapy, NLP etc. he is the best dude to handle a bossy, manipulitive, bully like her. It simply doesnt affect him on the surface.

At the end of the day, I own it. It has been my home for over twenty years now. I dont even have a mortgage anymore its been so long. I dont own any other buildings, I am not a serial landlord. Just doing the best I can here.

Trouble is, you cant buy a property on this avenue in Hull for love or money still (despetie the recession). Since I put the To Let sign up I have had three times more local BIG land owners wanting to buy it than those wanting to lease it, contact me.

Its a great position to be in in some ways. Believe me, I dont not appreciate my good luck here. But what I am utterley done-in with is the pressure to sell to my tenant. Three years of it. Then she gets shitty.

Well guys and girls, she has got a little surprise in the post tomorrow morning!!! Whoo-hoo!!!

I did the Brave Thing and spoke to my solicitors after going through the lease with several fine tooth combs. Discovering, as I went, that my tenant is liable for any expenses I incurr in trying to recover debts from her/him. And the rest!

So I "went for it"! I took my courage and stress levels in my hands, decided I had really really really had enough of being bullied. And I used to study Law, and I can Do This and I have a right to. And did it. Went through the lease and stated every breach she had done. Emailed it to the appropriate person within the practice and she after five drafts came up with a six page "Kick in the Arse" for my tenant.

She will get it in the morning.

Delivered to her home address and to her new business premises. Which by the way, dont giggle on the back row...... !!! are owned by the worst landlord Hull has ever seen. Bless her and good luck to her. Its only a year ago she was telling me how awful it is for some of her "mates" who have shops round here and have this landlord are faring.

As I say, good luck to her.

Meanwhile, it has been something of a momentous night for me just to get access to my premises again. Assess the damage and try and move on. I have the workmen in place already to replace the ruined floor and other bits.

Why has al this happened?

a) I wouldnt sell to her and she resented me being the owner

b) when her lease came up for renewal I offered her it for 8.5K (when the identical one next door went for 10K plus VAT {=11.75K}. And she didnt want to renew at that. I thought it was pretty generous actually.

I have all this in writing from my solicitor too. This all happened back in Feb/ March. I have been totally stressed with her underneath me since then when we couldnt agree.

Thats more then 25% less than the going rate guys!!!!!

She never has ever replied to one letter from my solicitors or agents.

But is happy to accuse me of being unproffesional.....
right..... hmmmm.....


She gave me The Death Stare on the street the other day. Well, bring it on lady. I am not going to be intimidated by her anymore. In truth, I would be. But putting John in charge - and he offered! - is a good way to find out if he has the stuff to protect me. He is a very old fasioned man, likes to protect and take care. I am worth - in money (not that that matters but its good to see if he can handle it right) 100 times that he is. So its a test. And it gives him responsibility and means I trust him and let him get on with it.

John was in prison for a few years. He needs to betrusted again. Its doing him good too, ya know? Responsibility?
Andmy dad is also trusting him too in this.

Tired now. Thankyou for listening. I dont post often. And this is an on-going saga. But its below my home, I have to literally live above it for now anyway, and it makes up half of my income to pay bills - the rent.

Which hasnt been paid since July.

I've had to take out a loan and cancell our engagement party because I am so short of money. And until I get a new tenant, I dont know when it will improve.

She has stopped me putting up posters for weeks. And she is "bad mouthing" me to prospective new tenants.

I know suing for slander is a long shot and I cant do it in reality. But the last paragraph of my solicitors lettere mentions it.
The first prospective tenant said he was worried about the "mad landlady".

Well, my tneant clearly has no idea that referring to people with MH probs as "mad" is a bit old fashioned.

Keep the faith,

thanks for listening / reading.

tense, upset, frightened..... hopefully kick ass triumphant! eventually.:flowers:


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Dec 19, 2007
Wow...what a pain in the arse. That would have sent me mad!!! Oh well it looks like it has all roughly sorted itself out. Good luck for renting it out again, hopefully to a better tenant!!!


Excellent news Cloudberry, well done for having the courage to go through with it. :clap:

As the icing on the cake, I would send the solicitors letter to her new landlord. If he is as bad as everyone says he is then he will not be happy with his new tenant!

I would also put the letter in your shop window under her advert so if any new prospective tenants come round with the worry of you being 'mad' then you can point them towards the letter! (that's if it is not breaking any laws by doing that!). :D