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Telling School Counselor Soon



Nov 18, 2018
Things have gotten incredibly bad for me. Friday night I hurt myself for the first time.. Then Saturday morning my boyfriend broke up with me suddenly, he kind of lied, broke a lot of promises, etc. And Saturday as well I believe my best friend blocked me and I don’t know why cause we haven’t talked in a month but I have no way to contact him. I’m feeling incredibly suicidal it’s all I can think about. I feel sick literally constantly so I can’t eat. I haven’t had a full meal since Thursday or Friday. I can hardly sleep, my head hurts all the time, my muscles are aching, I’m tensed up and can’t relax. I emailed my school counselor and asked if we could talk before the winter break. If we’re able to I’m kind of scared because I need to tell someone else how suicidal and depressed I am all the time but he’ll have to tell my parents and I’m terrified because we don’t have a good relationship and they’re the cause of some of it but they don’t know. I just need real help now but I’m terrified of my parents learning.
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Dec 1, 2018
Acknowledging that you need help is a great first step. I, too, had reservations about getting help because my parents played a big role in the issues I've been having. When my parents found out how I felt towards them, they reassured me "don't worry about us, do what's best for you." I obviously can't tell you how your parents will react but hopefully they're understanding.

What's most important though is to get the help you need. When you start feeling better, all the pain you're in will feel less overwhelming than it does now.

Good luck!
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