Telling people I have a problem



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May 6, 2019
United Kingdom
So I have an depression and an eating disorder. The depression is something I can cope with I don’t have many suicidal thoughts and never have any suicidal impulses, however my obsession with food is a big problem. I feel fat although everything indicates that I’m not, I get in cycles of binge eating and excessive exercising and I count every calorie I eat and burn.
I know I have a problem and i’m seeking help.
However I’m not sure whether to tell more people about my issues. My close family and best friend know about my issues, but would it help to tell more people? You see people open up about their mental health problems on social media but that’s only after a period of recovery and stability, but I don’t see people opening up about current issues they’re facing.


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Feb 28, 2018
You know, when I was in recovery my treatment team didn't want me to interact with other people who had eating disorders. They didn't want me to compare myself with them (anorexia is very competitive) and also, the more you hang out with the eating disordered crowd the more normalized it becomes. Better to surround yourself with people who find your behaviors bizarre instead of normal. Anyway, that's one school of thought...but this website is a safe place if you ever need to talk.
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