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Telling People About Your Disorder



New member
Jan 8, 2019
I am bipolar, and also have generalized anxiety disorder and ADHD. I take 6 pills a day for these illnesses, and I am not always comfortable with telling people about this information. Yet people in my family keep telling their friends all the information about my hospitalizations, the medications I take, what they do, and basically everything to do with what I have been through. It makes me extremely uncomfortable to have random people knowing my whole story without me even meeting them. I don't know what to do, and when confronted, my family will just tell me that it's their business to share, because my mental health affects them too. It is true that my mental health does affect my loved ones, but that doesn't mean they should be able to tell anybody they want about my medical records and my personal informations. It's extremely frustrating and I just don't know what to do to cope with the fact that these people, who are strangers to me, know extremely personal information about me without telling them myself.


Well-known member
Sep 7, 2018
I had this happen. A family member had no life so shared any of my stuff with neighbours etc.

The neighbours wanting to know we're put before me.

There is nothing you can do but think to yourself that you are better than them as you would respect other people's privacy.

Sad that people gain attention by giving up someone's private business. Especially when it is your own family.

I know it's very hurtful, just try and talk to us in here, people care a lot here.