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Telling people about ocd



New member
May 16, 2019
A few years back when I was struggling with ocd bad I told a few people about my pure o ocd thoughts. I was scared i was having such thoughts and i didn't know who to turn to so i opened up to some people. The thoughts were intrusive thoughts after i had my daughter so i am assuming you know what i mean.

My fear now is that now i am not friends with some of them and i am worried they will tell other people.

have any of you told friends and then worried later they would tell other people? What would you do if someone did tell someone else? i guess what i am worried about is people actually thinking i thought those things on purpose. it took me years to get better and now that i am better with the ocd now i have to worry about other people saying things.


Well-known member
Mar 9, 2012
Tigger and Willow's house UK
sadly, if they tell other people, there isn't a lot you can do apart from never trust that person again with anything, not even trusting them with the knowledge of what you had for dinner :hug:

if you trusted them then, chances are by now they are thinking of other things and not worrying about your OCD, particularly if you dont see them anymore :hug:

they might think "I wonder how Mariah32 is doing" but if you havent been in touch with them in a while chances are they dont even remember about your OCD :hug:

And cause I dont like three of anything, here's a 4th hug :hug: