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telling parents



i don't know if i should tell my parents or not, i need to see a GP for depression (i've been procrastinating for months and i know have to do something) but if I don't tell them i have to go to a walk in clinic in town (where my college is) instead of getting appointment with local GP... shall I do that?

i cut myself and i have depression, my boyfriend and i are the only ones who know.. i think my mum realised i have depression years ago but we've never had "a talk" and i reaaalllly don't want to. She probably thinks I got over it. She has no idea how serious it is, i try very hard to keep it a secret. As a result she just thinks I am selfish and withdrawn and don't want to spend time with my family.

I don't want to tell her because it is literally the worst thing she can imagine, for me to not be happy. She would think she failed at looking after me.

Is walk in clinic a very bad idea? I think they might be more reluctant to help than an ordinary surgery. Also going to the doctors scares me..

I don't know what to do
Please help

B x


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Oct 10, 2009
London, UK
I'm not sure about walk-in places, i went there once when i was really suffering with some stomach thing and the doctor pretty much laughed at me and told me to take some immodium. I've just made the leap of doing both - telling parents and going to the gp and it's been a relief to feel like im doing something but both my parents think doctors wont help with mh problems and will just prescribe drugs or pass you on to people...im a bit stuck as well but at least it took some of the stress off to actually do it after putting it off for ages. I also feel like im more in control, like i know what my options are which helped.
so yeah, id say go straight to the gp and tell your parents if you cant go without letting them know. Most likely they'll be sad that you're suffering but happy that you've trusted in them enough to tell them and that you're taking steps to get better.
good luck, whatever you do.


GP works best in my experience. But I had a friend who was suffering from similar symptoms and went along to her GP with her and he wasn't very helpfull, she's since seen another GP and had a much better reaction. So if you don't find it useful, don't give up. If you feel you need help, get it.

Best wishes :)
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