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Telepathy Problems



New member
Dec 21, 2014
Hi everyone.

I have a very serious issue regarding Telepathy.

My mom (age : 48) seems to communicate using telepathy since last 4-5 years now. she says she talks to people. As a result, it looks as if shes talking to herself. It started slowlyaround 5 years back. inititally everyone took it casually and thought that it will go with time. But then it didnt.

Some times she became very aggressive also. she starts abusing also. Apparently she communicates with her in-laws. so, after 6 months we took her to psychiatrist somehow, convincing all this is bull shit. He gave her some medicine (NEXIPRIDE 50).

we forced her to take the medicine.. initially, it kinda worked. she stoppped. bt then every medicine has its side effects. Suddenly the telepathy thing aggrevated. Now, she started saying shes listening his husband communicating with other women. Fights began at our home. Everyone was scared with mom. she was always so Aggressive and hyper. she started hating dad suddenly a lot...

Everything started. Everyone was tensed. everyone.. Its been around 4 yrs. shes been taking the medicines. she s not ready to go the doctor again( who would be ready to go to a psychiatrist).

We all are very tensed. Is there any solution to it. that she stops. or she stops believing. or any other medicines??

Also i want to know the sideeffects of the medicine shes been takng ince 4 years.

She still talks all the time. shes not at all on talking terms with dad. AND shes almost always talking to herself saying shes communicating to people. It is really wierd.

Someone please help?


Well-known member
May 30, 2012
small town Ontario, Canada
OK it's clear your mum has very serious mental health issues going on. Is she taking her medications the way she is supposed to, on time and at the right doses. She needs to be on them at least three months before you see her getting any better or showing any really noticeable improvement.

I know how scary it is when it happens. I'm a mum to two young men with similar serious illness' that I caregive for and live with. How long has she been on her current medication? And to find out the side effects I suggest you look at the Webmd website. WebMD Drugs & Medications - Medical information on prescription drugs, vitamins and over-the-counter medicines.
Try to be patient with her, while she adjusts, if the medications are not working at all you need to get her not just to the doctor but too the hospital where she can be monitored and diagnosed properly if she is being violent as well and the house is not safe to her or your family. You may need to call the police as well as ambulance for added safety security. Sometimes they have to change medications a few times before they find the right dosage. She will still have symptoms even on the medications but she won't be dangerous if they are working.
Does anyone in your family really understand her illness and whats happening to her besides you.?
Hope this helps
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