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Teacher needs help with coping



New member
Jun 1, 2009
Michigan, USA
Hello. I am a teacher and have struggled with depression and anxiety. Students love me but my bosses always hate me. I am a "straight shooter" and that bothers some people. I am never rude but if they ask me what my opinion is and I give it to them, I'm looked at as abrasive. My wife is constantly criticizing me because I "only work part time" and I feel worthless. I have a Master's degree and a lot of potential, I just feel like I am in a rut. Does anyone have any advice for me? How can I cope at work when I feel like I am constantly under a microscope? I am constantly thinking about suicide but I don't want to do it. I fear God's judgment too much and wouldn't want my kids to be without a father. Thanks for your help. WWJ


I'm a straight shooter too and often looked upon as rude and abrasive. I don't dress up words in perfume and bunches of flowers. I have a friend and former colleague who has sat beside me in many a meeting and said countless times "count to a hundred and keep counting until you can say it nicely". Sometimes I make it and sometimes I don't.

It's difficult to get out of a rut - they're pretty deep sometimes. I look at what I'm doing and ask myself if it's what I really want, if not what do I want. Then small steps get me out of the rut not giant leaps.

This sounds ridiculous but it really disarms people - smile at people for no reason at work. It makes them think and sometimes it makes them uncomfortable but it can change the balance in your favour.

Every one has suicidal thoughts from time to time, it's just your mind trying out options and if you don't want to do it then you won't.

Keep coming back x

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