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talking about suicidal thoughts



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Oct 10, 2009
London, UK
I was struggling last night with suicidal thoughts. My boyfriend was right next to me but i couldn't bring myself to tell him how i was feeling. I dont know if it was the part of my mind that wanted me to die that was forcing me to keep it a secret but i dont know if i'll be able to ignore it if it happens again.
Is there some way i can let someone close to me know im feeling suicidal without actually explicitly telling them? I don't know why its so difficult for me to say.


There are times when I have told a good friend that I have been feeling suicidal. It seems to get it out of my system and takes some of the sting out of it. I don't care what his reaction is - I just need to get it out to someone.

I then move on to something else and let him know that because I have those thoughts doesn't necessarily mean I will act on them. I think he understands this now and doesn't need me to tell him that.

It's important for me to be able to do that with someone - but I think it depends on the relationship you have with someone. Perhaps it would be harder with your boyfriend. If you can tell him that you need someone to just say how you have been feeling without any major drama but as a vital disclosure - then that might work with someone. It's about what is right for you isn't it?


Hi guys mmmm suicide

hi there ,hey i tryed suice 3 times when i was around 17 ,,first time was some rail lines ,and some guy pulled me away ,second time i took two bottles of paracetamol ,mam found me in the back yard ,and the the last time was
on the top deck of a bus ,paracetamol and whisky ,bus driver heard me collape on the floor ,drove to hospital ,,they said these were all crys for help ,
not the case i just did not know how to do it properly ,
im older now and do quite often think of suicide ,,but this is a luxury i dont have the option of anymore ,my family own my life now ,simple
but listen i not gonna preach here ,but how do we know if we went down that road we would find peace ,what is suicide ,would we go to heaven and
see a lovely old man with a white beard ,and fluffy clouds and angels ,
would we pherhaps see the little pets we had love and lost ,and be reunited
again with all our little loved things ,i think not maybe we would fall forever
looking for that peace we thought we would find ,and the demons of our
depression would be clawing at us in our constant lonely fall ,and maybe the
beast himself would greet us ,and not the kind old man ,so please dont think
about such things ,and if you must think of suicide dont forget no,ones been
back and told you how great it is have they ,ive stood on the edge many times ,but you must turn your back on the evil darkness in your mind and walk away from that place ,and in doing so you will deal the beast that is depression a harsh blow ,if you feel weak ,call out and i will carry you from that place because i fear it not ,the darkness knows it cannot take me we
have a pact and it must stay with me till death ,that will not be of its hand or mine either ,,,stay safe my dearest freinds ,,,,JETBOY