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Talking 2 voices or ignoring them?



Active member
Jul 26, 2019
When I hear voices I don't like 2 tell them 2 stop bullying me. But when i do tell the voices do stop, i look like im talking to myself.
Does anyone talk 2 their voices?
Or talk 2 the people they see?


Well-known member
Forum Safety Team
May 6, 2017
I used to talk to my voice, sometimes out loud but mostly in my mind.

For nearly three years now I've been ignoring him because he never shuts up and likes to play around with my body (minor twitches in my eyes and mild pain in the odd place now and then), I'd happily talk to him again if he'd only just behave himself, something he begs me to do many times a day.

I heard of a good technique for talking to your voice while out and about, buy a hands free kit for your phone and talk into that, that way people just think you're on the phone rather than speaking to yourself or you could just hold your phone up to your ear and talk but if you're like me you don't like getting your phone out in public if you don't have to.