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taking the next step...



New member
Jan 17, 2009

this is going to sound a little stupid sorry, but im considering going to the GP (is that who i should see?) and dont really know what to say. im at boarding school so will have to sort it out myself really, but i have come to the point in which i need professional help.
my tutor, who i was very close to, has been monitoring my moods and behavior since i came to the school last september and is concerned that i could have bipolar II disorder. when i did have my biggest low last year he lined up a counsellor for me, and i did try and tell her the truth, but she just seemed to play everything down and eventually just discharged me.
Its taken my tutor a long time to persuade me to get help again but i think there could be something genuinely wrong. im scared that because im going through a period now that im fine, that they will think im lying. or maybe that ive just made it all up for attention.
I would appreciate any help, im really stuck with what to actually say to them. thank you very much.



Sep 22, 2008
Hi Rosie.
Try not to worry.Just tell the truth.


Well-known member
Nov 23, 2008
Belfast, N.Ireland
Like Olanza said - ... try not to worry. The good thing about getting a diagnosis is that you will get medication and hopefully it will have you feeling better. It may or may not be the case that have Bipolar - regardless - at least you will have spoken to someone and if they feel you need to see a Psychiatrist - then you will get an assessment and go from there.

Don't worry about how you are feeling when you go. Any mental health person will know that they need to see you a number of times before making a diagnosis (if indeed any is required). I would doubt you would have only one appointment. I would go to the GP and ask to be referred to a counsellor or Psychiatrist and see what happens. Good luck.


New member
Jan 17, 2009
thanks very much guys, im going to the GP on monday so hopefully it will all be sorted soon!
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