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Tactile hallucinations(?) and Sensory Processing Disorder


Velvet Skinned

New member
Jul 14, 2020
New Zealand
So I've been feeling things on my skin that aren't there for years now, and I always know they're not real cause they feel just a bit 'off' from reality. They're usually triggered by me thinking/reading/hearing about a texture or experience which my body then recreates in some way on my skin.
For example if I think about yogurt I feel yogurt all over my hands/lower arms, etc etc. If my brain is busy enough with other things this tends to happen less, but its definitely a regular occurrence throughout my day.

The main problem with this is that I also have Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and certain tactile sensations are overwhelming and distressing for me in ways they aren't for most people. As you can likely imagine this is a terrible combination, especially since the SPD makes it very hard for me to forget about/ignore a sensation I'm feeling if its distressing and the more I think about it the more I feel it. Its a vicious cycle that I struggle to break out of every time.

I dont really expect anyone to have the same experience but I just needed to get it out there somewhere and who knows, maybe someone is experiencing the same thing and would like to talk about it. I could really do with talking to someone who gets it since its so hard for people without both conditions to understand how truly awful it is.
Lunar Lady

Lunar Lady

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Forum Guide
Mar 19, 2019
Hi Velvet Skinned,

Just popped in to say I've read your post and you are extremely brave to be dealing with these two conditions. :hug:

Welcome to the forum and I hope we can give you some support and friendship through this. x