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Tackling Anxiety, Depression and Borderline OCD



Throughout my early life I've reacted to nearly all antidepressants and meds to lower anxiety or ease depression, only to suffer ill side effects. Not helping during all this is I have 'sticky blood', so I'm being permanently prescribed anticoagulants because I'm at high risk of getting a deep vein thrombosis again and my life threatened by pulmonary embolism. The anticoags can clash with these antidep meds and to an extent, anxiety also. I began getting desperate.

Until I discovered running. The joy of running. Like in all weathers come rain, shine, snow with the exception of raging gales, every morning I put on my running gear, tog up my tootsies and off I run like a rabbit.

Running has liberated me! Whoop-de-doo! :D Have a look at this article on BBC News of August last year.

Running is not for everyone. I took my doctor's advice and tried it because physical activity such as running, or even surfboarding, skateboarding and the like can make a dramatic difference on our moods, he said.

This was years ago, bvut I thank the BBC for putting out that interesting article and great pictures of the enthusiasts.

I stress that we must always take our doctor's advice before even thinking about stopping meds. This is vital for our wellbeing to listen to our doc's advice, always. Occasionally I'll take a Diazipam that is prescribed me. It's a low dose and I keep a regular note of when it's taken along with any other meds: month, day and time of day.

When coming home to shower and eat a bigger meal (having previous stoked up on porridge before the run for energy's sake), I come home feeling absolutely great. Some of my older kids join me for our weekend trot. It's good having their company, too.

I have a little OCD now, but nowhere as much as I used to. There is always the need to arrange things just so, be it pots of paint, firewood or ingredients on the kitchen table ready-to-go. But that OCD doesn't define me. A little tidiness is helpful, always productive.

So here you are. Consider running if your doctor recommends it. Not forgetting your favourite packet of mintymints. ;)


Nov 30, 2019
It's very nice to read that you found an outlet that makes you happy! Thank you for sharing. I may try running to work through my anxiety. 😊
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