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sympton survey and how you deal/dealt with them



May 30, 2018
So as the thread states this is for everyone to day what symptoms they get, how long they last and how long in total or on and of you have had them
I think this will be a good way for us all to relate to how we feel and know that we're not alone
So mine are
Chest aches and pains- on and of for the last 6 years
Shortness of breath again on and of for the last 6 years
Hot flush when I am in full panic mode followed by nausea and feeling confused
And just a general worry about my health for the last 8 years

All the best guys


Nov 14, 2018
Long Island, New York
Hey! I am sorry you are experiencing these things. I think this thread was a great idea.
The symptoms I feel are either every other day or once every 3 days or so..
I experience loss of appetite
Severe Nausea, light vomiting
Swollen Tongue
Heart Palpitations, fast heartbeat
numbness on one side of my body
the feeling of doom, like I might die

When these things happen I truly believe I am having a stroke or heart attack, but I am only 28. In the moment I truly believe I am going to die. Its always brought on by a very stressful situation. My father is in active addiction and I live with him, and my boyfriend has been abusivev for a long time now. I know that it's just a panic attack but IN the ACTUAL MOMENT, there is no rationalizing with me. I called 911 about 2 months ago because I believed I was having a stroke. I felt so dumb when 3 hours into the ER they told me it was a panic attack!! :unsure:


Well-known member
Nov 9, 2018
I cope by drinking a lot of coffee. I stop being able to concentrate. I also write to friends a lot. I stop working, I eat something, I walk, take a break from what i am doing and generally go on social media or play a video game. I try to write out what I am feeling. That one helps a lot, it keeps me in higher cognitive function instead of emotions.

I get a lot of stress, related to anxiety, which includes a feeling of pressure. Rushing. The anxiety is something like there is something wrong when nothing is wrong, when I can't identify any problems. It happens when I work. I am prepared for something to go wrong.