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Switching back to previous SSRI after poop out?



New member
Oct 23, 2018
My history: Zoloft —> Paxil —> Lexapro (4 years)

It seems like my Lexapro is losing effectiveness, same thing that happened with the other two.
I have getting horrible panic attacks for th past few months.
Does anyone have experience going back to a previous SSRI?
I think I took the Zoloft for 3 years up until 7 or 8 years ago.
The country I live in doesn’t have many options.
I know I should talk to my doctor, and I will, but I just want to see if anyone has any thoughts on this.


Are you at your highest dose? if not discuss upping it with your doctor, this is what I get advised when I feel I'm slipping back, ( I know the signs) then when I get stable I cut back down again, please don't alter your meds without consulting your doctor.

Tabby 88

Yes i returned to an old AD and it worked well, but now it has stopped working again after nearly 2 years. I don't know what i will have next and my doctor has doubled my dose. I would recommend changing it and not increasing it, because of side effects and it being harder when you change to another one in however many years time, but i might be wrong in that worry.
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