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Swine Flu



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Sep 18, 2009
Hi. Just to let you all know that with school, college, uni's and work starting again that the risk of Swine Flu is even bigger this time round. They may have reported on the news that less people are catching it but the risk is still there! You see many different people everyday so you can never be certain that you won't catch it. Just be careful!

If you do catch it, you'll notice through these symptoms: Chills, Loss of Appetite, Diarrhoea, etc. Just make sure you don't go to the doctor as this can spread the flu! Stay at home and call 08001513513 or go online to assess your symptoms.

For now, to avoid getting Swine Flu, I am sure you know that you must avoid passing things around like a cigarette so germs don't get into you, and make sure you wash your hands with soap thoroughly. But you can also keep a packet of tissues handy and maybe some hand sanitizer, in case you do touch something where germs could have possibly reached you.

I am working at a chemist at the moment to raise awareness.

So has anyone had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with Swine Flu? Let's talk?
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Sep 22, 2008
We're all going to get swine flu.Personally I cant see the point in trying to stop the spread by using hygeine.It's spread through the air,you cant tell people to stop breathing.Being careful wont make any difference.The symptoms are usually very mild,not as bad as regular seasonal flu which kills more people than swine flu has.
Thats not to say that there wont be people trying to make money out of the situation.
Perhaps I should send my kids to school in NBC suits bought from Boots.


I've had suspected swine flu and it sucks. No one knows for sure whether they had it unless they are hospitalised for it and tested, as they are not doing routine tests for it anymore. I had a temperature for two weeks, felt awful, upset tummy, headaches, aching all over, EXTREME tiredness, dizziness, short of breath. I then got a nasty chest infection during it which led to the doctor giving me the stongest anti-biotics (unusually as they don't dish them out these days like they used to). It took me about five weeks in total to get over it, it was the worst flu I have ever had. Tamiflu did nothing, apparently it only shortens the illness by one day anyway. I believe it is overrated for people who are not in need of a hospital.

Advise your customers to get REST. Rest was the only cure for me. It was difficult as I started a new job, but in the end I was being sent home, and literally ordered not to work because it just wouldn't go away. As soon as I got complete rest I recovered.

But I'm glad I had it now and not in the winter but I hope I don't get it again this winter (apparently you can get it again). Ultimately I don't think you can stop people catching it in this over-populated country with the busiest airport in the world.


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May 25, 2009
I don't believe in it. Thousands die each year from seasonal flu each year yet there has never been such a fuss made about that.