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Suspect partner is having mental health issues, what do I do?


Where to turn

New member
Apr 19, 2010
Hi all
First time on this or any other type of 'help' forum so please bear with me.
My partner has always suffered from massive insecurity and self image issues which I have always put down to having been a younger of two kids that recieved far less attention.
Things have escalated dramatically over the last year, unfortunately most of it without my knowledge (maybe im to blame for being dismissive of the signs and being away with work too much), there is severe insecurity, jealousy and desperation in the form of making disgusting accusations about me and disturbing conversations she is having with mutual friend and my mother about me, thankfully both people realised that it didnt make any sense and that her attitude seemed strange, When she has been confronted about it (my mum said that if what she was saying is true then they should call the police there and then) or asked to explain she has started crying and saying 'maybe im just going mad and imaging things' 'please dont tell him or it will be the end of our relationship'.
Obviously both people were so concerned that they told me as soon as possible!
I just dont know what to do, part of me wants to protect myself as some of the things she has said are illegal, part of me wants to get her some help but I dont know how Im going to do it as she is a GP herself and believes she has it under control, another part of me just wants to run away!
So far I havnt told her that I know what has been happening recently.
Sorry if this sounds like ramblings but lots of confusion mixed with little sleep are taking their toll.
I hope someone out there may have experience of this or any advice would be very welcome


Keep an eye on your partner
Usually a mental health problem Will get worse
It is difficult to watch, but sometimes you can only get help when the condition has become ' More obvious '.


To where to turn.

It sounds as though you are in a real muddle. Is there any chance of you getting a break away somewhere quiet so you could sort out your thoughts.? It might help to write them down. Are you living with your mother? And what age group are you? :)


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Mar 28, 2009
Have you had a chat with the NHS help-line? I think the number is 0845 4647 (if you need it), their advice helped my partner.
Sounds like there is some support from her mum and friend, have you discussed with them what you could do?

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