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Surprise Eye-Contact Fear



New member
Feb 12, 2017
Just moved to a new place and an anxiety I've had since I was a child has returned.

As I'm in my room, I'm always terrified that I'll look at my door and see a small face peering around the door. The biggest fear of this (I have a clear picture of this situation and to it as I type) is that I'll make eye contact with whatever it is. Sometimes I'll be in other rooms, lost in thought, starting off, and become afraid that it ~could happen. That'll I will see eyes first staring at me and then realize there's something in the room.

I don't see anything, and never have had any visions, but I get an intense fear response to the imagined possibility and mental image of the eyes staring at me. I have to turn lights on at 3 am, or simply breathe through my fear and actively push the thought away.

I'm not afraid of it actually happening because a rational part does hold out. I've had this fear since I can remember and it hasn't happened yet. But I'm so afraid of this happening to me. I'm afraid thinking about it will manifest it in the shadows

What is going on?? Am I alone in this specific fear? Does anyone know what it is I'm reacting to?

This fear has been with me for so long, and yet no one I've ever confided in has related to this anxiety.


Jan 16, 2017
Hi it sounds like you may have had a normal or general child like fear as a child. This could have been a story you made up after a nightmare or watching a film etc. it's normal for kids to make these things up in their heads. Like the monster under the bed kind of thing. Usually these thoughts come when a child is alone in their bedroom etc.

As you'be moved into your new house I would suggest that maybe this child like fear has been pushed forward or triggered in your mind. Do you feel scared when you are on your own in general ? Fear of a break in etc ? I would probably say it's nothing to worry about and that focussing on this fear is probs making it a lot worse. try doing something that will push the imaginary person thought clean out of your mind like putting a small bell on the door. You know that if the door open the bell rings. The bell won't ring if you're home alone and you'll be safe in the subconscious knowledge the bell has to ring for someone to be at the door.

Further to this if the thoughts continue and begin to get to you or make you act irrationally it may be worth getting some counselling to go back to the starting child event that caused the initial fear and story you have in your head.

Hope this helps
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