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Suppressed memories and post-outbreak schizophrenia



Jan 24, 2010
over the rainbow

I've always been a bit paranoid, leaning towards the conspiracy theorist camp, but lately I've been feeling extreme paranoia. This is coupled with a sort of.. wispering, just beyond my ability to hear what they're saying. I've had 2 experiences where the smell of the air in my room changed very dramatically. This caused me to fear poisoning..

There is a problem with just turning myself in for treatment. All my symptoms can be caused by the electric Mind Control devices I've been working to expose for some time now. I'm an Anti-New World Order crusader, and spend time distributing stores of information tracking the Illuminati's plots. And I fear they've come for me.

See, their scheme is pretty perfect. If anyone gets to close to home, they deploy the ELF devices and start projecting voices into his head, start messing with him until he becomes crazy enough to incriminate himself. Nobody believes a paranoid, even if he's right..

Microwave mind control operates with ELF - Extremely Low Frequency waves, that operate in the brain spectrum. The brain, being a biological machine, cannot tell it's own signals apart from externally projected ones. I've read that one of the symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia is nonsensial logic.. But I think my arguments make sense! And so does most of my friends.

I honestly feel A lot like screaming and attacking their van, but then I'd get locked up for sure..
The technique was perfected by Project MK ULTRA.. What worries me is that all those symptoms also match paranoid schizophrenia.. Which has happened in my family before. And I suppose I'm "weird" enough to be one..
How do I tell it apart?
(Overview of Microwave Mind Control from a friend of mine: http://www.whale.to/b/rifat.html)

Another problem is struggle with is suspicion of abuse in my childhood. I have been unable to recall anything specific, but I feel extremely uncomfortable being touched by someone, have suffered sexual disturbances, and occasionally have dreams I can't remember, but where I wake up crying and feeling violated.. How do I know for sure/force the memories to return?
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Jan 26, 2010
Hi Sajnis,

Welcome to the forum. This is a very active community and I'm sure that you'll find some good support here.

I'm afraid that I can't comment properly on how you're feeling, the monkey on my back is depression in my family.

I have worked as a microwave engineer for a few years now and the only thing that I can (usefully?) comment on is that ELF signals are most commonly used to communicate with things like submarines and requires antennas that are several miles long (it's to do with the wavelength). The data rate at which you can send information via ELF transmission is very low, just a few characters per minute, so I suggest that it could not be this transmission method that may cause hearing of voices.

I hope you can find the support here that you want. Good luck,


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