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Support, I've none, its time to go - but where



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Dec 17, 2007
East Lancs
Where now my friend can we go next
Or do you intend to keep me vexed
Can you help and give direction
Instead of steering me away from salvation

Why do you spend so much time
Inside my head running around
Do you really enjoy what you’re doing
With my life which is in ruins

A physical friend would be nice
Someone next to me all of the time
Sharing thoughts and just chatting too
It’s a good job my dog I have you

So much I want to see and do
Yet all the time I am fighting with you
Should I go or stay right here
And never bother the world out there

Yet when I do bravely go
And not listen to your daily gore
I see so much that others walk past
I really feel I have something at last

Coming home I write so fast
So much I want read of my past
Of all the things I have done and seen
Then I know it was not a dream

Once it’s written it goes away
I never remember what to say
Then as I read and concentrate
Low and behold my head awakes

Here I sit my thoughts just blank
I cannot think of happy times
My writings I have put away
For that mistake I surely will pay

So my head you have won this round
Of the battle for this life of mine
It now feels as though it’s time to go
For no-one wants to listen no more

Alone and tired, totally dejected
I sit and cry where no one can get me
Only then to remerge
When the day has finally closed


Sep 12, 2009
UK Manchester
hello there Micheal,

i jus read your poem and its really interesting:) you've got a skill there, and you should use it wisely...

you kinda sound like me, the reasoning behide why i like it so much, asthough we can relate to oneanother:)

hope that you write some more :) you look after yourself hunnie :)