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Support Group Leader(s) ... venting



Feb 16, 2015
happygolucky not so happygolucky...

I've just returned from an Anxiety Support Group locally and I found the leader's comments condescending... On "check-in" I reported my anxiety at 95 (from 1-100) for the week and definitely during the time I was at the group. I started to cry as the fear of both, the events of this week and of being vulnerable before the group, just overcame me... I told them my story about bottling up feelings of anger towards an appliance repair person who was obviously taking advantage of me and overcharging me and giving me supplies I did not need. In addition I told them of another computer repair that was required that had gotten somewhat complicated and how I felt helpless with the circumstances surrounding that. The group members were very supportive and gave some good feedback and I congratulate them for being empathetic towards me :)

By the end of the meeting I still felt raw and hurt and told the leaders I was afraid to go home now, feeling so wounded and desperate. As the participants left, one of the leaders was obviously helping another participant with the logistics of their problem and when I stated my emotion of desperation, she just told me to go home and practice the coping skills they had taught me in the class.

This group is being held at the Mental Health Clinic here where I've always hit a brick wall. My gut is usually not wrong and I felt manipulated by their use of psychology to address what I perceived they were using so as to not enable an attention-seeking child. I am absolutely furious with them using their clinical tools to manipulate me into submission. There was absolutely no sympathy or empathy from the leaders, no suggestion that I seek counseling, that I talk to a friend, only the suggestion that I use their "tools" which at this time (in a raw and vulnerable state) would only serve to distract me from the root of my problem.

I get it that they want me to learn new coping skills, but they sure aren't encouraging healing... I think I should try and find peer support lead groups as opposed to clinical setting groups using their psychological savvy to say they've done "their" job to get you off their list of person requiring psychiatric help and that it isn't their fault if it doesn't work and I am not getting any better...

I feel like I've gotten a spanking because I'm not following their :rules: rules...

I know there's probably some "distortions" going on... but that is clinical not supportive...




Sep 22, 2008
sorry that they were so unhelpful and that you feel pissed off about the situation.
is this that experience that you get with american style psychotherapy bullshit like the complete bollocks therapy cbt that i did?