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supplement advice & help



New member
Oct 12, 2018
I am 38yr old male and suffering terrible with depression, been like this for around 5 years, it all stems from constant bad heads and migraines and old sports injurys, where i am contantly in pain from them, this is whats making me depressed.
I have come off meds because they were not making me feel much better and the side affects were no good for me.

I am looking to go and buy some supplements(herbal) from holland and barrett and would like some advice, or any other tips.
i was thinking about
St john wort
B vitamins
fish oils omega 3
are these ok to take all at once? or is there better alternatives?Better combination?



supplement advice & help

Hi Andrew. I get pretty bad migraines too and whilst I still take painkillers, I have also found other ways that help.

‘Cupping therapy’ - I have tried this a few times and it really does help in regards to migraines. Also has so many other benefits which may help with any muscle problems you may have.If you want to know more about it then I’ll be happy to go more in depth.

As for natural supplements, I recommend magnesium. I used to take these for my migraines in particular and they helped some.

Vitamin D3 tables I also recommend. I take these at 2000 IU. It can definitely help with your moods.

Just to list a few herbs/supplements:
- Black seed oil (capsules)
- Indian costus (capsules)
- Lavender
- Turmeric
- Zinc
- Omega 3

I take all of those listed, though not usually all at the same time. I know some of these may seem unheard of but I’m really into herbal medicine so I’ve tried a lot.

I’ve also tried St. John worts and it didn’t work for me in regards to my anxiety but it may work for you!

Just FYI I am no expert. This is all just what I’ve tried over the years

I hope you find something that helps. All the best!