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Super tired and have zero motivation



New member
May 20, 2016
Hey all,
I am new here, but I need help.
I am in high school, and I have zero energy and motivation.
I have been to a psychologist and he said I have Anxiety. The problem is after I get back from school I have zero energy, even on the weekends - doing anything you can imagine is super hard. Eating, showering, homework... I am falling behind, and my grades are slipping - Fast.
I also get very irritable when I get challenged in the slightest bit. I always get angry when I get tired for a few reasons: 1) its the only time i feel "Alive" if that makes sense and 2) its a reaction to falling behind and the stress.

any help/advice would be very much appreciated!


May 16, 2016
I'm not an expert on anything, but I was the same way in high school. For me, it was because I had a serious problem I refused to deal with. It ultimately caused anxiety and depression. I was always tired. From ages 15-25 or so I would sleep 10 to 12 hours a day, but it was because I was depressed. It felt like I had no energy. I don't know your story, but depression was my first thought because that's what I can relate to.
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