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Oct 10, 2009
I'm 17 and suffer from Post Traumatic Stress, Bipolar and severe depression.

I self harmed many times over the past 6 months. Including my forhead, my left hip with, my ankle and my arms. I HATE SELF HARMING CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP....

I have just come out of hospital after telling my Psychiatrist I was going to kill myself infront of him - so he got me an ambulance to hospital and in hospital I didn't self harm at all.... well I wanted too but I couldn't because no sharp objects were able to be in there and nurses are all around the ward.

I told the doctors and nurses in the hospital that I no longer want to kill myself or hurt myself (only because I wanted to get out of there!!) But deep down I still want to die and suicide thoughts are running through my mind along with self harm... I have not self harmed since coming out but I FEEL LIKE IT BADLY

Can someone please help me -send me a message or something I really need someone to talk this through with

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I hope that you find this forum supportive keep postin gregards JD


Sep 13, 2009
am here if yu want to chat. pm me :)
Sugar Coated Owl

Sugar Coated Owl

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Aug 2, 2009
There are lots of us on here if you need to chat about things.


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Oct 10, 2009

Everyone is really nice on here:)


Nov 1, 2009
Keep posting here friend. We are all supportive. I'm a new member only but whenever I am on and see these messages, I will try to chat with you as much as I can. Or you can go to IRC too. There is usually someone to chat with there.
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