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Suggested new non-pharmaceutical countermeasure

John A

John A

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Dec 20, 2007
Okehampton, Devon, United Kingdom
Eleanor White wrote to me recently (and to others) as follows, about a novel proposed treatment for V2K abuse that might also work for schizophrenia or other voice-hearing aetiologies.

Originally Posted by Eleanor
There is a countermeasure being used by people who hear "voices" they presume to be artificial in origin, conversationally called "voice to skull harassment." These people report relief as a result of using this idea. The idea is to play, either through a speaker or by way of a portable MP3 player using headphones, a "jumble" of audio tracks from radios playing different talk-oriented stations. This has allowed people with heavy voice to skull experiences to break their attention free from the content of the voices, and allows them a rest from forced attention 24/7.

This countermeasure *downloadable* from this link:


I'd like to suggest that this countermeasure might well provide at least some welcome relief for psychiatric patients troubled by "voices" of NATURAL illness origin as well.


Eleanor White (retired engineer)
Elliot Lake, Ontario

I have listened to this track, and so has Ian. Ian exclaimed, "It stopped my voices completely!" I'd appreciate feedback from anybody else who tries it.


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Mar 15, 2009
Intresting i've been looking for something like this:)
I stumbled onto something like this in a way, i"ve recorded music off my computer and run it through a echo filter. With the added echo it stops the voice's cold.


although the voice I hear is paranormal related, I do find the voice is less frequent when I listen to a talk show station as opposed to listening to music playing on the radio. This is an odd thing. I have been told by a "sensitive" that this spirit is trying to talk over the music to get my attention. I will say though it totally depends on the time of day or night .