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Bury St Edmonds

Overeaters Anonymous

Focus 12
82 Risbygate Street
Bury St Edmunds
IP33 1TQ

07939 563282

Meetings are gatherings of two or more compulsive overeaters who come together to share their personal experience, and the strength and hope OA has given them.

Self Referral


Bury St Edmonds

The Self Centre

Drinkstone Investment Park
Kempson Way
Moreton Hall
Bury St Edmunds
IP32 7AR

01284 769090
[email protected]

Monday - Thursday 8.30am to 9.00pm (Wednesdays from 6.00am)
Friday 8.30am to 7.30pm
Saturdays 9.00am to 3.00pm (workshops and therapies in the afternoons)
Sundays - 9.30am - 12.30pm

The self centre is a welcoming retreat where you can, relax, unwind and discover more about yourself.

We provide an environment:

  • To learn and practice yoga, pilates, tai chi and gi gong.
  • For people of all ages to develop new skills and awareness.
  • To experience health-promoting and stress relieving complementary therapies.
  • Providing holistic hair and beauty treatments.
  • Offering a range of equipment and gifts from local and fair trade suppliers.
  • To enjoy the herb and spice café specialising in healthy and organic food.

To be recognised as a leading enterprise providing health and wellbeing services in a truly welcoming environment that is:

  • Inclusive and caring
  • Nurturing and healing
  • Developing and empowering
  • Simply, the self centre is a place to help everyone look after themselves.

  • acupuncture - western
  • art psychotherapy
  • bowen technique
  • BWRT - brainworking recursive therapy
  • clinical psychology
  • counselling
  • cranio sacral therapy
  • eating therapy
  • eft - tapping
  • electro-magnetic stimulation
  • homeopathy
  • hypnotherapy
  • hypnobirthing
  • kinesiology
  • lymphoedema treatment
  • massage
  • naturopathic nutrition
  • osteopathy
  • pre-conception, pregnancy & post-natal care
  • psychological therapy
  • pure physiotherapy
  • reflexology
  • regression therapy
  • reiki
  • shiatsu
  • ultra sound scans
  • wellness coaching

  • yoga
  • pilates
  • tai chi / qi gong
  • mindfulness meditation
  • deep relaxation
  • pregnancy & birth
  • baby & toddler
  • dance classes



Survivors in Transistion

84 Fore St

07765 052282
[email protected]

Survivors in Transition (SiT) was started as a voluntary organisation back in 2009 to address the lack of specialist support available in Suffolk for adult survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse (CSA).

SiT started out by offering a coffee morning for survivors to come together and share experiences and support one another and has grown and developed steadily, responding to user identified need.

SiT support male and female adult survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, Violence and Exploitation and aims to empower survivors to take control of their lives and cope better with the daily effects the abuse has left them with.

We aim to provide the kind of support that is right for each individual who makes contact with us, we take into account personal circumstances to assure that the individual is treated – not just the problem. We achieve these aims by offering a wide means of contact so that people can contact us in whatever medium they feel comfortable with. We spend time listening so that we can provide the best support in a non-judgmental, welcoming and safe environment.

What We Can Offer You
  • Listening service
  • Information, advice and guidance and referrals to other specialist organisations
  • Counselling readiness sessions and ore counselling framework (Hold Fast)
  • Individual counselling and therapy
  • Individual support plans (practical and emotional support)
  • Group support sessions for men and women
  • Peer support sessions
  • Family work
  • Phone and online counselling



Inside Out Community Arts in Mental Health

c/o CSV media
120 Princes street

07947 565711

Inside Out is an arts and mental health charity founded in 2003. We are committed to providing programmes throughout the year for people drawn to the therapeutic arts as a way of improving and sustaining their mental health and well being. We are based in Ipswich UK and our programmes take place mainly in East Suffolk. Participants are mainly people recovering from periods of mental ill-health and those who live with a continuing vulnerability to episodes of psychological distress.



Peer Support Network (PSN)

You can call the PSN team on 0300 111 6000 or 07595 086134
[email protected]

What is it?

The network is how and where you use and practice the PSN skills you learn on the course. You will be invited to join it once you have successfully completed a PSN training course. Membership is optional. The PSN Network is owned and run by all the people within it (not by Suffolk Mind).

How can I use the PSN Network?

You contact people to arrange a PSN session with them at a time convenient to you both. This can be in person, on the telephone or via Skype. And you can come along to network meetings run by network members. Networks for specific interest groups, local communities or workplaces can also be created.

Network meetings

The main purpose of a network meeting is to exchange PSN sessions. There is often question time, discussion and refresher practices to maintain your PSN skills. People also enjoy the chance to catch up with others in the network, meet new network members and to share some social time.
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