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Sudden dizzy feeling...symptom of derealisation?



Mar 18, 2014
Hi all,

I'll try keep this brief...I've had anxiety for a long time but the past 2 years I've been having an issue with a dizzy sensation which I think might be linked to derealization, which I think I might have?

This dizzy sensation will come out of the blue where I felt fine before...i get a very sharp and sudden feeling of dizziness in my head that lasts a split second and i get that 'stomach drop' feeling like when you're swinging back on a chair which goes through my whole body, I dont actually fall or anything and think from the outside you cant tell anything has happened.

Sometimes this has led to me feeling like I'm living in a daydream, I feel my head is sort of in a bubble and sound itself sounds different in my head but it doesnt actually sound any different (if that makes any sense) I feel like theres a slight barrier between me and reality and this is VERY overwhelming and tends to stop me from what I'm doing and cant hold conversations properly, this only lasts for maybe 30 mins at most. Does this sound like derealization?


Oct 8, 2019
I have this sort of thing often sometimes it’s quite heavy and I feel sick as if I was very anxious sometimes it’s not but I was seeing it as dissociation rather than derealisation.
Most commonly i tend to just suddenly feel like I’ve been removed from the plane of existence and everything sounds different/blocked off before coming back and sometimes feeling slightly dizzy or anxious sick it’s such a weird and unnerving feeling especially when you’re fully aware of it