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stupid esa people



Feb 23, 2010
Eastleigh , Hampshire, UK
ok so ive been on esa for at over 6 months and every time i need a new certificate i got at least 2 days without money because they are so slow processing it.

this time though somewhere along the line it has been lost. which is fine these things happen, but the annoying thing is they want a replicate and my doctor wants to cgarge £15 which is a 3rd of my weekly money which is alot if your only on benifits. my mum said she will pay for it because i cant afford it. but my doctors are now saying that even tho the doctor who originally signed the last one isnt in no other doctor can sign it even though no one from the esa people have seen it, and even when she gets back which is tomorrow she can still refuse to sign a new one, which would make me have no money for 4 weeks which is £200. the annoying thing is every doctor at my surgery has signed me off so i dont see why they cant sign me off this time. and to add insult to all this i cant claim the £15 back because according to the esa people my doctors are not allowed to do... BUT THEY ARE

im so sick of it me and my mum are going to make a formal complaint because everytime i need a new certificate they end up having to back date it because they missplace it or are just really slow.

does anyone else have problems like this??


Well-known member
Jul 23, 2009
south london,england
Yes sadly i have similar experience when i was on ESA before my appeal.

My doctors at one point refused to sign anymore certificates so i had to have a word with my local mind rep who really helped me with that, so towards the end of the certificates i managed to get them from my psychiartrists.

As for waiting 2 days etc thas normal I was once quoted as you have to wait 3 days for the money to hit your account.

At one point I was going mad with worry and anxiety about wheather i would get my certificate and weather i would recieve my money. I understand totally where you're coming from, and its a pain, for others who get money reguarly they dont know and understand what its like to rely on a doctor to sign you off.

Sometimes i wonder if its not designed to make people say "i give up" and go back to work.

The only other thing i can think of is when you post if off you send it off recorded delivery i think its that one where someone has to sign for it, at the end of the day it means more money for you to pay out but it gives you a peice of mind.

Good luck.

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