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Stuck in a downwards spiral!



New member
May 30, 2020
Hiya ...

So I don’t really know where to start or how to condense this so please bear with me 😊

so I’m 24 I’ve got two beautiful children.. when I was 13 is when the issue arose with my weight I’ve always been slim/skinny naturally.. anyhow I used to drink shakes for breakfast because I’m one of those people that can’t do breakfast so I had a shake to line my tummy somethings better than nothing anyway a boy mocked me and called me fat to which I then refused to eat for a while my mum took me to the doctors I managed to get over it and was all fine... fast forward to 2016 I’m pregnant with my 1st child I didn’t weigh myself for my whole pregnancy I enjoyed it ate what I want I gained some weight .. after having my baby I had a lot of stretch marks on the underside of my tummy which really troubled me as These were the first stretch marks I’d ever had they were big red and angry I’d gone from having a washboard stomach to this deflated balloon!Anyhow I lost the weight and some by walking and breastfeeding 6 months postpartum I was a under the weight what I was when I fell pregnant.. maintained living ‘normally’

fast forward 2018 falling pregnant with my second baby and this pregnancy was a whole different ball game terrified of gaining weight because everyone says it’s harder to lose the second time I restricted my eating calorie counted everything walked a lot every single day wouldn’t eat til late in the day weighed every single day I gained less weight than last time and was obsessed my whole pregnancy and didn’t get to enjoy it..

I lose the weight within 3 months I was obsessive weighing everyday and since then life has been very different restricting my eating weighing every day. For the last year I’ve been sat at around the same weight. The last week nothing has changed with my eating yet my weight is creeping up I cannot understand why I and it puts me in a foul mood makes me want to not eat and I will cut my food intake to see if I can get the number to come down I don’t know what’s happened I can’t talk to my partner about it as he doesn’t understand how I feel he gets frustrated with me telling me I have a problem and that it’s gone to far eg my spine and vertebrae is very very visible when I bend over and my tail bone etc I don’t know what to do I want to make my body look better eat more weight train and be strong not skinny but I can’t let go of the number on the scales!
Well done if you’ve made It this far any help would be massively appreciated
Thank you 💖💖💖


Well-known member
Apr 6, 2017
Maybe you could visit a health food store and ask about energizing foods.


Well-known member
Feb 28, 2018
What percentage of your thoughts are about or related to your body and /or food, would you say? (for me it was about 95%). Are you happy living this way?