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taste the rainbow 30

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Jul 20, 2012
I don't want to be in my body or mind any longer. I have been thinking about my behaviour over the years and I don't like myself at all. I want this over I can't stand to be me for much longer. I cant sleep can't function im day. Im finding it hard to lift my head off pillow. I have let so many people down including my family. I believe it would be easier just to go. I don't need or want replies just needed to write this somewhere where people don't know me. I will promise to be good in the next life god I got to get to church or find a way to talk to god tonight. So much to say and be sorry for.


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Jan 5, 2011
hey TTR, lots of hugs to you. It is so crippling for you. You know deep down, that you are valuable to many people. When they don't know, or can't understand how painful it is to feel like this, they don't give us the space we need. So we feel we are a burden, not worth anything, better off away from all this. This is the language of depression - it has its own inner logic, which isn't valid but feels like it does at the time.

Hang on in there - what have you got to lose? Maybe see your doctor and ask for counselling to help with your feelings? Take care xxx
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