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jelly bean

really struggling at the mo been crying best part of the day. Im losing my job which ment the world to me. Im losing it because I had an accident 3 years ago at work and after 3 operations it still is not fixed and they r saying i can no longer do the job im in as I have to stand all day long as I work in a care home for adults with learning differculties and mental health issues. I have a meeting with the owners at my house on friday and I cant see myself getting to friday. I have reached a real big low where no one can reach me. I have no money and not suure when i will be getting more. I have 3 horses to feed and i just dont know how im going to get through the next few months without money. I have also got to wait for x rays to see if they ar going to do an ankle replacement on my ankle as thats all thats left that they can do. Im breaking down shutting people out. I look around this world and feel I dont belong anywhere anymore. I dont feel for nothing and pray to god each night to not let me wake in the morning.


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Feb 15, 2011
west mids
look around this world and feel I dont belong anywhere anymore. I dont feel for nothing and pray to god each night to not let me wake in the morning.
hello Jelly

nowt I' can say will make you feel any better but many of us can relate to what you are saying... if thats any help?

all you can do is see where you end up, things do have an knack of sorthing themself out if you just give it some time. we can't change things so we have to work with whats left afterwards, you should speak to your GP asap, make sure you have support around you, and maybe worth speaking to CAB too see if you are getting all moneis your due.

sorry can't help more.



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Jan 5, 2011
Jelly Bean,

I feel fairly certain that they cannot sack you, and don't give in to them asking you to leave. Find out your rights, as Stan said, go to the CAB. You need to insist on your rights, and if there is anything you can do as a Disabled person. Be careful that your employer doesn't sound all caring, but in fact is trying to get you out.

You may need someone, a friend, who can be your advocate and support you through this. There is also Welfare Rights, which you can ring your council and ask for an appt, and usually you see in a library. They can give you totally free advice, and really help you.

As for feeling so low, I think feeling that you are back in control may help that honey. xx


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Jan 2, 2012
Hey Jelly Bean,
Please try and hang on.
Please dont give up. Try and get advice about your job, please dont give up easily, dont go down with out a fight.
You are so supportive to others on this forum, please let us be there for you now x

jelly bean

it would be ok if I have the fight but i dont. I have given up on all faith sorry for sounding so negative x
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