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complex me

God lately I have been really struggling. I cancelled my appointment with my cpn as was feeling really low. I know I should have gone but now I have to wait a week to see her and Im not sure if I can hold on that long. She did say I could phone her anytime but I dont like to make the first move in phoning someone so im stuck.


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Jan 12, 2008
Can you send a text


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Apr 23, 2010
goodness knows!
perhaps if you are struggling so much maybe you could make the first move just this once?
I feel the same as you...I know I should have phoned my cpn today and had made my mind up that I would...I didn't, now I'm left without help, just wishing....


Miss Moody

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Nov 1, 2010
pick up the phone and say ur feeling unwell and let them lead the convo - make it the most important thing you do tomow. Hey ho u might even feel better after doing it - worth the try
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