Jan 8, 2015
i everyone,

I have been diagnosed with depression and several anxiety disorders but I am currently in the process of having my diagnosis's reviewed as my cpn thinks there might be someone else.

Anyway, I've been struggling a bit lately. I have had problems with my mental health for quite some time but usually my problem has been feeling too much, experiencing really intense emotions. However in the past few months it feels like my emotions have dulled. It kind of feels like I'm not even alive. Nothing feels the same as it used to and I hate it. It feels like there's a veil over everything. I am also constantly bored. I know everyone gets bored but it's gotten the point where no matter what I do, even stuff I usually enjoy, I just feel bored. I can't stand how bored I am of just everything.

I'm finding things really difficult and getting treatment has been an uphill battle ever since I was referred to secondary mental health services and it'll be at least a month before I even get to speak to someone and god knows how many months till treatment actually starts. I feel so stuck and I have no idea what to do :(


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Apr 16, 2016
Auckland,New Zealand
When you were feeling all of these intense emotions you did everything to try and block them out? Is that correct? If you feel emotions then you cant control them and everyone will dislike you for poor emotional control? anything ringing a bell?
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