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Struggling with meds changeover


Mrs Scamp

Active member
Jun 8, 2021
I’m coming off Mirtazapine and going on to Prozac. My GP said to halve my dose to 15mg daily for twelve days then every other day for a week then nothing for two days. I’m really struggling with the excessive tiredness and anxiety/low mood, loss of appetite and generally feeling crap. I’ve just started the every other day dose and praying I can hang on until I start the Prozac and it kicks in. I’m coming off Mirtazapine due to the tiredness which is a hundred times worse on the lower dose. My poor husband is coping with me but I just want to feel normal and happy again. Right now I feel useless, miserable and can’t be bothered with anything except getting dressed. Anyone else suffered when switching meds?


Nov 23, 2021
Milky Way
I just want to feel normal and happy again
and when you do you will certainly have a new appreciation for it. I spent my whole life trying to overcome social anxiety and now that its gone I feel like im lost at sea. i don't know what to do.
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