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Struggling with life, BPD, DBT, everything


so sad

Well-known member
Feb 24, 2016

I am 46 and was diagnosed with BPD a year ago although I've had clear symptoms since I was a child. I was lucky enough to get on a full DBT programme last year and I am half way through the 12 month prog.

I find it a great course and I get on very well with my 1-2-1 therapist. I was making progress but I feel like I'm slipping again. I feel weak, pathetic, unable to cope with the most basic of issues and completely inadequate.

I have a long term partner who does try to understand but really hasn't a clue about BPD so thinks I'm over-reacting etc. I get that it must look like that but after 25 years she should know the real me by now.

I work full-time and I'm struggling to stick with. Because I feel so stupid and weak I feel I can't cope. I know there are some DBT skills to use in there but they're just not hitting the spot.

Not sure what I want from this post - I just needed to get something 'out there'.

I'm trying desperately not to give into the urge to self harm - I haven't done it since November and I don't want to disappoint myself or my therapist.

I so want to give up

Girl interupted

Well-known member
Nov 17, 2018
It’s pefectly normal to have periods where nothing seems to work, and equally frustrating to see the hard work you’ve put in seem to roll backwards.

It took a lifetime to get to where you are now. It is not something that can be instantly fixed, so be a bit kinder to yourself and allow these feelings. It is temporary.

Just hang in there. Keep at it. It will suddenly click in again.


Nov 7, 2018
i think its normal to feel like youre breaking down again when trying to do something good for you, but its good practice to handle the thoughts and emotions now and talk them through with your therapist because they'd understand rather than be dissapointed i suspect