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Struggling with bipolar and managing everyday life



Sep 26, 2017
The United States
Hi everyone!
So I have bipolar disorder, social and generalized anxiety and mild OCD.
I’m a junior college student studying clinical psychology and I’ve just been having a hard time believing I can get anywhere in life with my disorder holding me back. I’ve had trouble going to my classes, I keep feeling like I’m never going to make it in the real world and my depression has caused me to be extremely unmotivated to even do my work. I’m scared to start a new job this summer in the fear I’ll have an episode and get fired. I have to go to graduate school but I really feel like I won’t be able to keep up with the work and balance my mental health, working and school all at the same time since graduate degrees are such hard work. I’m just terrified of life in general. I was wondering if anyone else had ever felt this way and what you may have done to accomplish your goals, work, transition into adult life, etc?
Thank you for your time :)


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
Hello there and I do understand. I also have bipolar disorder and it can severely interfere with everyday life. I have found the right balance ofmeds has helped me, but I know that isn't for everyone. I also live a quiet life with little to start me on the roller coaaster.

Have you thought of therapy for the depression. Don't be put off with people saying that we can't manage therapy because of a diagnosis, I found the coping strategies it offered were really helpful. I also do Mindfulness daily which I find really positive in my life. Just some suggestions. Don't be ruled by this , there are ways through it I promise.
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