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Struggling to study (Coping advice needed)



New member
Aug 8, 2019
I'm doing a distance learning course and lately my depression has been getting really bad. I got through my first course okay but now I'm just falling behind. My mind is so foggy, medication doesn't seem to touch it (I still take it though) and on top of that the 'freaking out' when an assignment is due it getting too much. My partner has noticed I'm not doing so well but I don't want to burden then with my fears/low mood. My usual ways of 'breaking out of the funk' aren't helping much. Being on a diet means no comfort food either, that's one bad habit I've had to break.

So why all this grumbling?
Well, any and all advice welcome on how other people cope with big dips in their mood. No idea to far out, no advice ignored, I'll will try anything and everything (short of rubbing myself down with lard and picking a fight with a shire horse lol).

On that note though I do have very limited mobility due to an old back injury, so my running the London marathon...but I'll give it a slow waddle if it might help.


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2019
how long have you been on the diet ?
people usually struggle with their mood when giving up food
something I'm having to work on at the moment

and have you seen a dietician or health coach about it
to make sure you are getting the right nutrition ?



Jul 16, 2019
My depression started in my second year of Uni so I know exactly what you're going through.

I had to set myself small targets and not let myself leave the PC until they were done. Like an extra 250 words in this essay today or I can't leave the PC king of thing.

Not sure if that will work for everyone but it's the only way I got through it.
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