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Struggling seaman



New member
Jan 27, 2019
Hi I'm new, I posted to the incorrect forum before.
It's a bit of a relief finding somewhere where I can talk to strangers who will most likely be able to relate. For a long time I feel I've been with anxiety (probably longer than I admit), a few years ago I spoke to a GP who said that it was a phase and it'll pass. Since then I've just kept it internal and hidden from my fiancé, family and friends. Sometimes I find it very hard to hide it completely.
I am a seafarer with a cruise line doing navigation, I am away from home for 2/3 of the year working watch keeping hours. Tiredness is a major issue, along with juggling home life and stress of work, this sometimes makes my anxiety unbearable causing me to hide away from everyone. I go from the cabin, to the bridge, to the mess and back to the cabin, completely avoiding conversation with any crew members.
Even with all the help I'm told is available, really there is none. If I went to anyone onboard I would be 'marked' and would be made a mockery of.

Thanks for listening, I would appreciate any advice on how to cope.


Well-known member
Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
Welcome to the forum. :hi:

That GP obviously wasn't very helpful, however I worry that they've actually done more harm than good.
I may be reading too much between the lines but I wonder if that response has made you feel like you should just be quiet and not talk about how you're feeling?

I understand that your work colleagues may not be the most suitable people to open up to, particularly if you do feel that they'd treat you differently because of it.
But do you feel you could talk to your partner or anybody in your family?
It might not be easy but it may take some pressure off just to know that there's someone you could contact if things were really getting the better of you.

As for getting more professional type of help, I would go back to a different GP.
You could ring your GP surgery and ask the receptionist if there is a GP they would recommend for mental health issues (i've done that before and the receptionist did make a good suggestion).
It's a GP who can refer or signpost you to other agencies that might be able to look at things in a bit more depth, possible offer talking therapies etc.


Jan 28, 2019
life seems really hard for you right now hope it gets better soon, definitely think you need to see another doctor as that one does not sound the best at all think there is help for you our there, you may just need to be a bit more proactive in getting what you need. Be pushy if you can you are worth it


Well-known member
Dec 17, 2018
California, US
I don't know the particulars of your workplace but you can be sure you're not the only seaman struggling with mental health - because 1 in 4 does.

If the cruise line doesn't have a counselor on board, doesn't make it safe to report mental health problems or permits a culture of fear and harassment around the issue then they are woefully behind the times and are inviting an incident while at sea.

Is it possible to contact the company's Human Resources department anonymously to request any or all of the above? At the very least they can open a dialogue.