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struggling recovery



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May 20, 2009
Hi, Im 23 and in the 6 years since I left school, all my jobs together add up to about 1 year of working. Thats 5 that i havent worked for. Im signed off until january (which i really dont want to think about) so I have about 6 months left. In that 6 months, I know what I need to focus my attention onto : mental health, physical health, friends and family. Im talking basics. But I come from a working class family, and Im feeling constant pressure to just shut up and get a job (tried this numerous times by the way - I last about 4 months and then end up completely in a state). I know that Im not ready for it, and that I need time and space to get better but I cant shift this nagging in my head that I should have a job RIGHT NOW. and whilst im thinking that, i know its ruining my chances of developing in other areas of my life. Ive tried CBT, art therapy, loads of self help books, and god knows what else. Does anyone have any suggestions of how i can focus on what i NEED to do, not what others want me to do? thanks.


Does anyone have any suggestions of how i can focus on what i NEED to do, not what others want me to do? thanks.
It's a hard one isn't it?

I wasn't given the help I needed, when I needed it. I was forced drugs & largely left in the community. I have tried my best - I still do. I haven't worked in over 12 years. I am not well enough to. What can we do? As far as I am concerned, a genuine & meaningful recovery, support, & genuine therapeutic intervention; in any meaningful way; has been denied to me. The support I need & have looked for; will never be there. I have done what I can to recover, & make the best of things. I plod on doing what I can. I have been up against a huge amount of obstacles. I am up against a lot. The years of 'illness' has taken it's toll. Having been 'labelled', medicated, & left under the 'care in the community'! - chucked on the human rubbish tip, & ostracised from the wider society - this is the end result.

Doctors, the Government, society, & others; can't very well suddenly turn round to me after 20 years of this shit; & have a load of expectations on me & about how I should be behaving & functioning.
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Dec 17, 2007
East Lancs
Hi Mudslide

No instant answer or cure I'm afraid, and to a point I agree with what Apotheosis says. I myself get myself into this sort of situation some time, but the difference is I have found some 'tools' that do actually help me.

Don't give up on your Doctor or your local MHS, I know they differ all around the country, but I am in an optomistic mood at the moment and with that said I will not let anything cloud my vision, even the bad experiences.

I am fortunate in that I do work, and always have, this in itself can be a problem in that due to work time restrictions I do not have access to some of the 'therapies' that are on offer.
I see you have tried some, well don't forget that there is no instant cure and that it HAS to be tailored to meet your needs.

This is where you (if you are able) come in, and that is in dialogue, no theraphy I am aware of can 'read' your mind so you have to be honest with yourself. Talk, talk and yet more talk IS required, from that people (even those close to you) can help in that they can with you help you to focus on what you REALLY like doing, from this a plan can be compiled and targets for you to work to it.

I would love to say don't get disheartened, but I can't, there will be obstacles and times when you really don't or can't do anything, it's how you pick up from these times that are the real goal wins.

Anyway, I hope this may have given you a little insight to how things help me, they also help you, but whatever you do never give up.

Best Wishes


I haven't worked in a long time, I would dearly love to. I'm reviewing this with my Consultant again this week. Realistically it's not going to happen. I do voluntary work. I work in the areas of community cohesion & youth development which sounds grander than it is. I'm good at assembling the right teams and making contacts & connections for people. When I'm tired or not coping I can back off for a while. I get tons of support from the people I know and, which is important, I can give it back too. One of my first contacts I made nearly 8 years ago has moved on to a different job in a different town and we still talk regularly and work together when we can. Maybe it's worth a try?