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Struggling and damaging/losing those around me, need guidance



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Nov 1, 2017
I have suffered from depression for the previous 2 years, I became isolated and was only able to discuss my depression with one person, my long term girlfriend, I was steadily suffering but not to a point where I couldn’t manage it with her help, as she has previously had depression and helped me out.

However My girlfriend recently broke up with me, largely due to my behaviour changing from what I believe was due to my depression, creating arguments in our relationship, putting ridiculous amounts of pressure on her to make be my source of happyness and started to make her unhappy to a point where being around me was dragging her down with me.

Since she has left my depression has got worse and I am struggling to cope, I spend large periods of time alone as my girlfriend was my only true friend and I have accidentally isolated myself from other friends since starting attending university. I desperately need her in my life, I love her a ridiculous amount but she doesn’t want to hear from me and doesn’t believe she loves me anymore. We have spent our whole adult lives together and I believe/ believed we would be forever.

I was hoping someone else might have suffered from a similar problem to me that can help me with how they sorted this depression out but also if there is anyway to stop my depression from damaging the one I love again and how I may go about sorting mine and her problems as I know my depression will improve with her in my life ??
Poopy Doll

Poopy Doll

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Jun 13, 2015
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
You have some good insight into what you did that drove her away. Pick up the pieces, learn from your mistakes and cultivate some good friendships. Don't expect one person to meet all your needs. I have several friends and I rotate seeing them so as not to overwhelm any one person.


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Oct 23, 2017
I too had a similar experience. I went through 6 months of pure hell with anxiety and depression. My wife/girl friend left me as soon as I started pulling out of it. I treated her like a queen, but it didn't matter. She just had to move on. I haven't seen, or spoken to her in over a decade, but I do know she's miserable. It's a shame. Through sickness and in health, huh, lol. Anyway, don't give up. Maybe she'll come around. Especially since you said she too has dealt with depression. Hang in there, friend.