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Stressed as somebody moved my wheelie bin



Well-known member
Nov 16, 2017
I’ve had more issues with wheelie bins. We have had very high winds and one blew into my garden yesterday and today mine blew over again and somebody brought it into the front garden right at my door now I am worried about the garden. I was already worried about the ground being dirty where in bins were on the street as mentioned before but I always thought the garden was a safe haven and nobody would bring the bin in the garden. Sadly not now my urges to move house are coming back?

If I get some work done to the house:

New windows, Clean windows, Paint windows a DIY service man puts his tool box on the ground = stress.

Before I never had this worry. If they put on the ground the windows are contaminated the window pole the paint the whole lot. Sure I don’t need to get work done every year but if I do?

You can tell me it’s fine it’s not contaminated I understand for the life of a non ocd suffer to move a bin into a front garden is no worry. The problem i start the blame game I told my partner I never wanted the wheelie bin out due to high winds. The lid has actually broken and we now need to order a new bin so I ask was it worth it?

What I am say is I have had therapy and I am on a waiting list for more now but my worry is no matter what anybody says nobody is gonna make me think that garden is clean? Sure it rains water goes on the ground but for me it’s “forever contaminated “ that’s how it feels. When I go down this path it’s hard for anybody to convince me otherwise I have had that “forever” issue for a number of years. Once I think something is ruined or spoiled I can’t shake it off? So the ocd would limit any work getting done in the house now that’s what my behavior would be?