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Stressed about my new apartment



Well-known member
Jun 19, 2015
My voices have tried to convince me that my new roommate will be a Dick and that I wont be welcome there. I'm really stressed. I lit some candles and incense to relax and I saw some shadow people in my room. I haven't seen shadow people for a while now. I'm sure the stress triggered my seeing the shadow people. I move in on Monday or Tuesday so until then I guess I'll have to try and deal. Man I need a drink.


When I heard voices I got paranoid too. I tried to focus on reality and ignore them. Sometimes I would talk back to them. Maybe it would be best to ignore the shadow people, too. I'm sorry if I'm not helping much. I never had to deal with shadow people before. That sounds really scary.
I'm sure everything will be fine. It's good to relax and drink tea and think about positive things. It's not easy, I know, but I'm sure everything will be okay.


Stress definitely feeds our mental health and helps it take it up a notch, I would say try not to stress but if you're anything like me you will stress about not stressing.

I hope you feel a bit better soon and that it all goes okay, and that you find out your room mate is infact not a dick XD.