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Nov 17, 2009
New Zealand
I need some advice i just saw soemnone ahve a seizure and it upset me apart from that i start colllage in one week and have heaps of bills to pay and not much money.

Everything is happening at nonce and so quickly i feel so overwhelmed. please help.

Also im looking for some friends to conect with here.:confused::welcome:


Well-known member
Oct 25, 2008
Hi Hope,

I was sorry to read you have been having such a tough time lately. Its very difficult when things becoming overwhelming.

The best thing I can suggest, only speaking from my experience, is maybe you could take 20 mins or less to write down the things you need to do and plan a time to do them, try to spread things out over the week so you only have a couple of tasks to do each day. Its something I try to do each week as I get terribly overwhelmed by everyday tasks.

Have you spoken to your GP about how you have been feeling? If not it may be worth while making an appointment just to talk over your concerns.

Welcome to the forum also. I hope you find it a really helpful place.

Jo X:hug:
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