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Stress problem? Becoming a nightmare...



New member
May 19, 2015
Hi, I'm going through these odd signs/symptoms which are immensely affecting my health. The most that is affected
is my education. My eyes close uncontrollably when I read something "stressful" (or so I think). My work is far behind
and I've failed my education numerous times to this date, rather depressing to think about.

one of the many signs/symptoms I experience:
Frequent urination;
Numbness - Usually when symptoms are bad which occurs sometimes everyday;
Pains in the center of the back deep inside;
And of course, eyes closing whenever I read/do anything stressful.

The worst one of these is the eyes closing uncontrollably. If I'm reading a sentence, they start closing slowly and
forcibly and I would have to open them again. The work I'm studying is actually in the area of the career I'm interested in
therefore I'm not really bored when doing it.

After some research, the closest link to what I'm experiencing is chronic stress. Although, the eyes closing seems to
be shallow on the internet.

I've been to the doctors when my back was at it's worst, (aching badly and not being able to move). I took some
blood tests and bladder scan ruling out (or so which the "doctors" assumed) that I was clean with only minor bacteria
to spare. So I took antibiotics which made me worse in the long run but sadly never better.

I don't think I have UTI - urinary tract infection but I do think that the symptoms/signs are caused by chronic stress.
Basically I think that the chronic stress has weakened my immune system resulting in the bacteria having a huge load
to handle in turn running havoc on my bladder/kidneys and other systems of my body. From that day my back pains
have lessened but not stopped.

That's my one big problem which I'm sharing with anyone going through the same or just to give an insight that may
help in anyway.

I begun to work hard on my education a while ago while having minor breaks which I think lead to severe stress, anxiety
etc or so i think leading to chronic stress.

Now I'm left confused and hopeless. If this did occur from little to no relaxation, then why wasn't I aware? I guess it's
part of living? Do I really have chronic stress? Am I the only one with the symptoms of eyes closing uncontrollably?
(not due to tiredness), What do i do? relax? how much? I've been relaxing all the time ever since but it still persists...

Does anyone here go through similar? Anything helps!
Thanks for reading!


New member
May 20, 2015
I pee a lot when my anxiety is high. I believe it has something to do with the body being lighter if you're in danger, even though you're not. Strange :/ anyway, I don't have the eyes closing thing, but I wonder if you stopped focusing on it maybe it would go away on its own. I have no idea though. Oh also, when I drink any coffee, even a small amount, I become a peeing machine. It sucks. Hope you figure out your eye problem :)