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Strange tips for anxiety attacks



May 30, 2018
Hello. This one is in regards of my previous topic, in which I told my story aboit something that I seem to have, something like depression, but it seems more like the sudden burst of bad imagination and bad/weird images/phobia of hallucinatio/ general anxiety and talking to mysel in my head. I paste that here again, it is also in my original thread

Ok guys, I seem to have managed it, at least for now, here are some tips for someone with anxiety, maybe it will work for some of you with anxiety,I don;t seem to COMPLETELY beat it yet, but... somehow it is manageable, I don't think it's my medication. If i will not see any noticeable effect of this medicine, I will talk to my GP about decreasing my dose and not taking it at all... Ok, but tips:

1. First of all: never google stuff like this, I'm serious, it will only make yoou less likely to believe in yourself and more likely to doubt your saity, like in my case.
2. Try to stop the thought, if you can't, try to convince yourself that the stuff you are afraiod of happened only in a comic book, cartoon etc, derealize it.
3. Maybe a little controversial one but... Try to use your own... ekhm, sexual tastes to turn off your mind a little. I mean if nice pictures ad calm stoff don't seem to work out I use pinterest or bayonetta to watch on beautiful faces, a little sexy but not too much, I am staying off of porn and masturbation, but these nice images (not erotica and porn, but simply nice photos of the opposite sex).... These kind of things seems to stuck in your mind and gradually push back the bad images.
4. Keep convincing myself that the stuff you are seeing is impossible and that you are actually able to decrease the power of your imagination. Keep telling yourself " my imagination will be weaker".
5. If you remember previous bad days, again, try to convince yourself that those were dreams, that you daydreamed, dozed off a little, treat them like dreams
6. Try to.. sing Not kidding, even if you are not in the moodm this acivity seems to distract your mind.

I am not completely healthy yet, but... Something is better, at least a little, and wanted to share with you guys, because I don;t seem to find such stuff in the internet, all kind of advices I could find are like "yeah, you are sick, go tto a doctor".

Sure, I mysel am visiting my GP about this, but still

try to fight on your own, try to believe not in meds, not so much in God (I mean I believe in God, but still want to help myself, not just wait for His miracle to happen or for meds to work), but in your own power to heal your own mind