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strange problem but i need help....



New member
Mar 23, 2010
hi frnds, this is my first post and i hope u all will help me out..

My problem is that i fall in love so easily,
before some months i fell in love with a girl and i was so much in her that i was not able to think about anything else...

Before meeting her i was a kinda person who did not know how to cry but she taught me to cry and to feel emotions.. I was like a stone who knew only joy, sorrow and his work.. but she changed my entire thinking..

She bought a big change in my life and was in love but it was just one sided love... But i was so much involved in her that i even failed my exams.....

after results i found that lovin her was worthless, i got neither her nor my exams passed. so i left her..

Now the problem right now i m facing is there is another girl for whom i m thinking too much from some days...
I'm afraid if i would fall in love with her because i dont want to fail my exams again which are to be held in this may....

i dont want to fall in love again...
help me to forget the thing "LOVE".....


I'm thinking if you're doing exams that you're young? I hope that doesn't sound patronising.
It's normal to fall in love we all do and falling in love fast is common the younger you are.
You must be feeling a lot of anxiety with exams.


New member
Mar 23, 2010
i'm 19 and i'm student of C.A and i agree that at this age people do fall in love but this exams are going to decide my career....

i've given the exams in November and i failed and i don't want to repeat the same mistake again.......


Oct 23, 2009
Bristol Uk
Research co dependancy

if you relate to this attend coda
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