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strange phobias- linked to my social anxiety?



I have been wondering recently if it is my social anxiety that has brought about other phobias.
I have fears of holding things in public, such as drinks. When I am out and have to carry a drink across, I have to do it with two hands, and I get electric shock type feelings through my hands which make me feel as if I am going to let go. With it is this intense fear, and everything else goes blurry.
Another fear is heights, but again only when I'm around a lot of people. This developed a few months before my agoraphobia. I honestly feel as if I am going to fall. This has happened when I was inside a building that just had clear glass on one side instead of a normal wall. So I obviously could not fall as I was inside four walls. But I was very dizzy... and felt as if I could. Escalators make my legs feel as if they are about to collapse and I feel like I'm losing my mind with the fear, once I was in a shop on my own holding a basket trying to get back down the escalator and I felt as if I was going to pass out. It's even got to the point where I feel as if I am going to fall in raised seating areas such as cinemas and I had to grip hard onto the arm rest but even then I still felt very unsafe. My hand didn't feel strong enough to 'keep me safe', I was to scared to leave, competely frozen and I had a panic attack in the seat.

Does anyone else have fears similar to these?
They started a long time ago when I was on medication, so I thought it might be that. But I have been off them a long while and the fears are still very present. The more anxious and panicky I feel due to being out of my house and around people, the worse these fears become which I why I thought there might be a link.


Jul 14, 2010
Hi coraline, my names jenny. I suffer from social anxiety and I also have alot of the fears you mentioned. I think the one about carrying the drinks is to do with thinking if you drop it and make a big smash, everyone will turn around and look and laugh. thats how it is for me. I seem to do everything very carefully so not to make a fool of myself. Again with the heights and esculators im scared that im gonna fall and draw attention to myself. cognative behavoural therapy has helped me alot but it only works if you use it correctly. I hope this makes you feel a bit better knowing your not on your own. I reccomend the book FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY.


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Aug 18, 2010
UK, North East
Hi there Coraline,

I'm Jane, and I am 19 yrs of age.

I suffer from severe anxiety and I never thought of social anxiety either which I could also have (If it means being scared to go out on your own coz of being stared at and stuff)??! Because when I go out even if it's just to the shops 10 minutes away, I get very anxius at times and feel that people are staring at me and think I'm stupid. :/ Silly I know but it's the way I am as well.

I also suffer from panic attacks too!! You don't need to worry because you are certainly not on your own. :) If you ever need to talk to anyone about this then all you have to do is message me if need be or if you want to anyways. ;)

xx Jane/Lizzie xx


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Feb 1, 2011
A Rollercoter
I suffer from social anxiety. I am always in a state of anxiety. What i get is little panic attacks every social interaction i have all the time but im anxious because im expecting it. The amount i have depends on what i do that day.
One thng ive learned is not to stop yourself from doing things as it only makes it worse.

Take care