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Stopping cannabis use.



Dec 6, 2019
Maine USA
I just started a med clinic to find out if I am bi-polar. I don't see how I couldn't be because I have most of the symptoms and my father was bi-polar. Anyways, like my father I have used cannabis most my life. When I was younger and he would quit smoking he would become manic/depressed. Then when he smoked he would be okay. He was untreated Bi-polar and didn't take his medications and ended up passing away from a heart attack at 51.
This isn't the life plan I want to follow in. My questions is if other people have dealt with long term cannabis use and how it affected their meds/moods and etc. I know everyone will be different and react differently, but I'm curious. I feel that cannabis use is destroying my life. I quit tobacco and alcohol a year and a half ago and just started smoking cannabis a lot more. I'm afraid if I quit I'll go crazy, but I'm also afraid to keep using. I'm hoping talk therapy and finding out if mood stabilizers are the right choice. Curious how others have dealt with substance abuse/meds/bipolar.


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
Hiya. I'm not a cannabis user but know that people tend to self medicate with it when undiagnosed. It is not an answer as you say though as it can have other unwanted side effects in vulnerable people like psychosis. I know that long ter users deny this but the evidence is there for those who are vulnerable to it.

I am diagnosed bipolar and had to be trialled on multiple combinations of meds to find the ones which worked for me. I am now on a cocktail which does keep me largely balanced but I still experience the depressions quite a bit and live with that. I think that is one avenue to go down. I also had therapy which helped immensely but the one which truly helped was DBT (dialectical Behavioural Therapy) - I would look it up and see if you can get anything like that for yourself. It was originally created for people with borderline personality disorder but in Britain, where I'm from, its been rolled out for other conditions.


Active member
Dec 25, 2019
Norfolk, UK

I have been smoking Ganja for about 7 years. To begin with, it was relatively OK and I could smoke comfortably. But things quickly spiralled out of control & I lost a lot of time.

Whenever a problem arose, I'd medicate with Ganja to try to make them go away. Then over the years, my mental health started declining & I was smoking more & more. It was responsible for losing jobs & me making terrible, life changing decisions because I was smoking.

November last year, I'd had enough & checked into a rehab clinic. Everyone I smoked, I would suffer from severe paranoia & anxiety & I wanted to get clean.

So I attended the classes on a weekly basis & I am now 2 months sober.

I just want to say that giving up Ganja will be one of the best decisions you ever make. I genuinely feel a lot happier & content, I'm no longer paranoid nor anxious & I have a lot more confidence.

I honestly feel that Ganja was responsible for a lot of problems I faced throughout the years. I just wish I'd given up sooner.

If you'd like to talk about it some more, I'd be more than happy to!

Either way, you're questioning whether to quit or not, & that is certainly the first step.

Good luck!