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Stop hate uk



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Jun 5, 2010
I wouldn't recommend these. They don't actually do anything. They say they can refer to the Police but you have to give all your details and they can't say what if anything the Police will do and you have the option to tell the Police yourself. But the Police want everyone locked up for life anyway so they wouldn't do anything.


Haha you're learning...

Support sites (groups) don't actually anything for outsiders and there is nothing worse when your psychiatrist says "Ok, you don't hear voices, we'll get in touch with this group, bye"

They certainly don't accept strangers and if you're an "average joe" anyway.

They only accept strangers (outsiders) like Nichole337 for example... Nichole 337 | Official

These support groups only offer limited social support (cos this is not their goal) in their own areas and only accept famous strangers to strengthen their cause...

And that's you left with nothing... no more antidepressants.

But still, people will often refer you to these support groups. It's a joke, I'm like "Whoa.... but that just leaves me with nothing then"

SS woman over the phone mentioned one of these groups (which I prefer not to mention) and I'm like into myself "Oh no again..."
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Either they don't know what these support groups are all about, or they are just using them as a scapegoat to get rid of you.

These support groups are not what they think they are, they merely use media outlets in a bid to change people's view on things... and they might accept famous people to star in their media outlets or to be spokesperson's at awareness events etc.

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